Home Recording Made Easy checks out ToneSpot Voice Pro

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We have decided to start a new content series called Featured Video.

In this series, we will regularly feature one of your videos focused on our product. It will appear here as a blog post and from time to time also in our newsletter (to which you can subscribe here). It doesn't matter when or how the video was released, but we prefer ones uploaded to YouTube, because of technical efficiency.

At Audified, we love community building and we want to give you a platform for your talent infused videos to be shared with other Audified fans.


This week's video features ToneSpot Voice Pro review by David from Home Recording Made Easy.

ToneSpot Voice Pro is our latest Pro Series release tailored for mixing vocals on the world-class level. It features ten independently switchable mixing modules, plus the Input and Output sections with our proprietary AGC (Automatic Gain Control).

Modules include various saturation, compression and EQ tools, plus the deessing module and two separate EQs. They provide you with every tool needed to mix any vintage or contemporary vocal track. Module names are as follows: Character, Distortion, Saturation, DeEssAir, Shaping, Punch, Surgery, Smash, Effects, Finalizer.

So without further ado, check out the video below and take care until next time.


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