Joshua Aguiló: STA Preamp is great for everything

Joshua Aguiló is a Spanish music producer and owner of JWorkSound “Music Mastering & Mixing services.” He has been currently working with labels like Revealed Recordings and Joshua is also teaching on Millenia Estudios in Valencia.

Hello Joshua, we’re happy to start this interview. Could you tell us more about JWorkSound?

Jworksound is a online mixing, mastering and learning service focused on all types of artists, which helps you in your project without the need to rent a studio.

What projects are you working on? 

Now I’m working a lot co-producing with artists, a lot of electronic pop.

What are the main projects you are proud of? 

Always my work with revealed and sci + tec, but I’m so proud of all my works.

We’re proud to interview a music teacher. What subjects are you teaching in Millenia Estudios?

Everything about electronic dance music, how to make and mix EDM music.

How do you like the progress of your students? 

I’m in love when they learn how to make hard things like compression in 15 minutes and they leave the school with a big smile.

What are your plans for the future?

Thats a good question, expanding more my services with production things. :-)

What is your favourite music genre?

I like all music but I love this pop/trap trend.

Joshua also use some of Audified plugins, he became one of our testers. What Audified products do you use Joshua?

I was using a lot STA Preamp and recently I'm using DW Drum Enhancer.

Why are they valuable for you?

STA Preamp is great for everything. I love that saturation for mixing and also mastering. 

DW Drum Enhancer is awesome for make drums fast when I’m writing a song, just incredible.

What do you think about Spanish music scene?

Now there’s a lot of artist with good talent making really good music, I think the Spanish scene is very strong now. :-)

How would you describe Audified?

Incredible, just make our lives more easier when we talk about mixing and mastering. They are premium plugins that I want in all my projects.

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