JP Solis: I try teaching others to do what I do

JP Solis is a DJ, producer & music teacher from New York. He's been using the MixChecker Pro to double check his mixes and he shows his students what our plugins can do. He's also one of the co-founders of Dubspot music school.

What was the motivation to co-found Dubspot?

I’d reached a point in my career where I was DJ’ing clubs 5 nights a week and one of my mentors suggested that I try teaching others to do what I do.

In response, I outlined a learning curriculum and turned it into a viable business after I brought the idea to a friend who had the capital and real estate to make it happen.

What was your role in Dubspot?

I was the Co-Founder and assembled the first team of people to build the idea and the initial curriculum.  I stayed on for a few years and later left the company to further my creative pursuits.

Later on, JP decided to create Noise212 – "a pioneer in modern music education specializing in DJ and music production training in New York City."

How does the Noise212 educational platform work?

Noise212 is a specialized educational platform that utilizes professional recording studios, nightclub settings, and other learning spaces to train artist students in an authentic, immersive learning environment.  

This pop-up model is designed so that a student could potentially be in production class while a major label artist is recording in the studio next door.  

We prioritize placing our students in authentic environments that allow them to make smooth transitions from the “classroom” to the real thing.

How many students do you have? What courses do you offer?

JP Solis

Our enrollments occur on rolling admission and each student is placed in a custom program designed to meet their goals after an in-depth interview. At any given moment we could have between 30 – 50 students engaged in some type of program with us. 

We have a number of offerings between DJ and music production.

Music production training generally starts with basic audio/midi production in Ableton Live 10 and moves into mixing on SSL (Duality, J Series) consoles and outboard gear processing as students advance.

We have two primary tracks of DJ education: Club Sessions and NOISE212 Labs. Club Sessions is the professional track that trains students inside a nightclub setting and culminates with supervised live DJ’ing field work during open club hours. 

NOISE212 Labs is the educational track that provides DJ training at local elementary schools in NYC, serving students as early as 3rdGrade.

Finally, we also run a monthly specialty music workshop series at Columbia University called Soundcheck, which focuses on providing undergraduates with opportunities to learn about the latest in music technology from industry professionals.

Previous guests include Ableton, Roland, and Serato.

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You’ve been recently using MixChecker Pro in your classes. What was your experience?

I love MixChecker Pro and often refer to it as the single best way to doublecheck my mixing moves while producing in headphones or outside an acoustically treated environment.

It’s extremely important to check your mixes on different speakers, and Mixchecker Pro has become a huge timesaver in that regard. 

Interestingly, I have also started using it in a sound design context, by putting it as a channel insert to achieve a “small speaker” effect for certain sounds.  

Is there anything Audified could help you with related to your educational platform?

You guys have been great! MixChecker Pro is a godsend and I can’t wait to try the DW Drum Enhancer and the Saturator!

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