Leon Todd rocks our MultiDrive Pedal Pro

Hello Audified friends,

We bring you the third episode of our Featured Video series. In this series, we regularly share one of your videos focused on our product.


This week's video is by the one and only Leon Todd. He puts our MultiDrive Pedal Pro through its paces and it sounds great!

MultiDrive Pedal Pro is our nod towards classic guitar stompboxes. We are big fans of this traditional platform and this plug-in definitely brings it from rehearsal rooms to "in the box" production and mixing scenario.

The plug-in includes twelve models of legendary stompboxes. Every one of them is carefully designed to reproduce the sound and features of its hardware predecessor. The list of models goes as follows: F-FUZZ, S-Drive, D-Drive, One-Distortion, B-Drive, M-Distortion, BAT DISTORTION, XXL distortion, T-Boost, g-Scream, 808-Scream, M-FUZZ.

In the plug-in interface, stompboxes can be used one at the time in true old school fashion. No frills, just great sounding pedals going into great sounding amps! (Disclaimer, amps are not included, but you can definitely pair the plug-in with every amp sim imaginable.)

Now let's see how Leon rips through his licks using this stompbox collection!

Until next time.


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