Linda RockStack - Rock guitar epicness in mix ready package!

Hello Audified friends,

Let us introduce to you our brand new guitar plug-in Linda RockStack!

"Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone"

Created in direct collaboration with Martin Linda (longtime mixing/mastering engineer & programmer) and his Linda AudioLinda RockStack is a custom three-channel guitar amp&cab plug-in with effects rack featuring chorus and delay processing.Linda RockStack

Get yours today

Intro price $29.



Linda RockStack:

  • Custom three-channel amp sim with extensive pre & post-gain shaping options.
  • Features effects rack with two-stage chorus and delay processing.
  • Includes two custom and blendable cabinet impulses.
  • Every module - meaning the amp, effects and a cabinet can be engaged separately.
  • Introductory price is just $29 (rising up to $49 regular price after December 13). A-list intro price is $19.
  • (A-list is the Audified loyal customers list. To become a member purchase for more than $149 in our web store and get special offers in the future.)


More about the collaboration:

  • Linda RockStack is the first product released under our now official collaborative program Audified Wings.
  • Martin Linda brought the idea and concept of the product, combining excellent programming skills and sense for perfect sound, based on years of experience in mixing rock and metal music.
  • Audified provided the graphics and distribution of the product, maintaining the original idea and approach.
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