Mixing vocals with ToneSpot Voice Pro by Mad Steex

Hello Audified friends,

Part six of the Featured Video series is here. In this series, we regularly share your videos focused on Audified products.


In this episode, our favourite Mad Steex uses ToneSpot Voice Pro plug-in to mix an epic pop vocal track.

ToneSpot Voice Pro has been in Featured Video before. It is our latest plug-in release and we are very proud of it. The whole ToneSpot Pro series is aimed to help you get your mixes done quicker, with more fun and less second-guessing involved.

The artist feedback validates our premises and we are very happy about that. Sometimes, the enjoyment of making music can be distracted by the complexity of tools or an option paralysis. We actively strive to make our products effective and intuitive, while still loaded with essential features. You really can mix the vocals from start to finish with just this one plug-in.

Now let's hand over the word to Mad Steex.

Until next time.


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