Nico Cotton: MixChecker saves me

Nico Cotton is a producer, mixing engineer and songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His main focus is to generate emotions in the people listening the song that he created. He believes the mix, the production and the songwriting are connected to each other, and each helps to generate these emotions.

What are the main projects you are proud of?

I have worked as a producer and songwriter in the award-winning album of the Argentinian artist AXEL, "Tus Ojos, Mis Ojos" (Sony Music), which was a gold and platinum record in Latin America.

What is your current most important project?

I am currently working with AXEL on their next album, where the mix will be in charge of Michal Brauer.

What was your first contact Audified software?

My first contact with Audified was when I heard the U73b Compressor. I felt for the first time the classic analog sound in a plugin. It’s amazing.

What Audified tools do you use?

I always put the U73b Compressor on my vocals and my bass. I recently fell in love with STA Effects. I put a little saturation in all my tracks and the mix comes alive. Recently, I got the RZ062 Equalizer. Ok, this is serious. Crank up the input knob, compensate with the output knob, and you will experiment the magic of this plugin! Super warm sound, like a piece of hardware!

Audified did it again. Thanks!

What makes you want to use the particular products?

I want to capture the analog sound. The sound of transformers and harmonics that I'm used to hearing in the analog world. But with the facilities and comforts provided by plug-ins

How do you check your mixes?

I check my mixes through several speakers. I have my Yamaha NS10 (with Sub) that i love, I have a small Focals, too. But I always finish my mixes in a Boombox speaker. I recently discovered the MixChecker plugin, which when I mix in my laptop, or in another studio than mine, saves me. Highly recommend.

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