Production Expert reviews our u73b Compressor

Hello Audified friends,

The fourth episode of our Featured Video series is here. In this series, we regularly share one of your videos focused on our product.


This week we have selected the review of our u73b Compressor by the Production Expert channel.

u73b Compressor is a software reproduction of the legendary German broadcasting compressor/limiter unit from the 1960s. The original hardware version is nowadays very rare.

When developing the product we have purchased the original unit and disassembled it completely upon the reason of studying it and measuring its circuitry and components.

The end result is a widely versatile compressor/limiter plug-in with an exceptional analog flavor and characteristic Vari-MU tube coloring. We also added input and output gain stage controls for the better overall management of the signal flow.

Now let's have a look at what the UK based Production Expert thinks about that!

Until next time.


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