Stereospread: Crafting the STA Delay

Stereospread is an electronic-pop duo consisting of Sara Snyder (vocals, synths, guitar) and James Hopkins (synths, bass, guitar, drums). The reason you read about them here is James's close cooperation with Audified - he created notable presets for the STA Delay.

Stereospread has had several songs become noteworthy, most namely their track "The Fire" which has been remixed by artists all over the world. The most popular remix (by Killstarr) was played over 64,000 times! 

Stereospread has embraced different genres, as well - i.e. their collaboration with hip-hop artist Pretty Boy Beats.


With an over 176,000 plays of their original tracks (on soundcloud, alone and not including the hundreds of thousands of plays from remixes!), They are certainly on their way!

As for the STA Delay that James crafted presets for - the first song he used it on was a remix Stereospread did for the legendary Assemblage 23. The Stereospread Remix of the song "December", from the new album "Endure", on Metropolis Records. Several of the presets I wrote for the remix, are already in the Delay's preset library. 

The U73 Compressor is Very open and transparent yet incredibly powerful. It never feels like it's taking part of the song away.

Their music is available at