TNT Voice Executor: Behind the scenes

Tomáš Trkal is the owner of TNT recording studios. That wouldn’t be perhaps too exciting if he also wasn’t the man behind the Audified new release. The TNT Voice Executor that  refers to the studio’s name, is a product of Tomas’ work. It is a sophisticated plug-in for speech and vocals editing, that will ease and speed your work.

What is your specialization in music industry?

I specialize in recording, mixing and mastering R’n’B and Hip-Hop music. Since both genres have lots in common and they are pretty colorful in case of vocal interpretation, my daily routine is to deal with both singers and rappers.  

What is the story behind TNT Voice Executor?

The clients want to have the final mix of the song right after the recording very often which is unrealistic in most cases. So I was in need of something that I could apply on the recorded raw vocal tracks, set one parameter, bounce the song and give it to the client in a minute. So I started working on it. I programmed the whole thing and started using it. That was great. While I started studying programming at the Brno Technical University, my teacher connected me with Lubor Prikryl (CEO of Audified) and I demonstrated my plug-in for him. Lubor was excited and with some alterations Audified wanted to release the plug-in for all major formats. Designers in Audified added some professional standard features such as metering and calibration to move the product forward and prepared some extra presets to extend the range of use for this plug-in.

TNT Voice Executor looks very simple, but there has to be very advanced, powerful and complex device inside to get that great sound for vocals with such minimal tweaking.

Yes, the plug-in consists of eight processing modules which I typically use when mixing vocals. I have treated those modules very carefully and I have prepared lots of super-usable presets in cooperation with Jarek Musil (Sound Designer of Audified) to satisfy the user’s needs. In short, this plug-in is designed to get the great sound as quick as possible.

Are the internal parameters of those modules set individually for every preset or are set firmly for all presets?

Every preset has its own parameter settings of every module. The modules are Noise Gate, HPF, Compressor (up to 3 active instances of compressor with different settings in one module), 4-band parametric EQ, Distortion, Stereo Image Enhancer, Delay and Limiter.

Is the Executor usable for other sources as well or for vocals only?

Primarily it’s designed for vocals and speech processing, but it can be applied for other sources for sure! In SPECIAL presets sub-menu there are some presets which can be used very creatively, for example for mastering, parallel drums compression or as a SFX.