Ultimate ToneSpot Bass Pro groove by Homestudiolivre TV

Hello Audified friends,

The second episode of our Featured Video series is here. In this series, we regularly share one of your videos focused on our product.


Today, we present you a short clip from Homestudiolivre TV channel featuring our ToneSpot Bass Pro and some seriously funky bass playing!

ToneSpot Bass Pro is one of the most fan-favorite plug-ins from the Pro series. And no wonder why. As you can hear in the video, it is a great sounding mixing tool focused on the bass guitar or bass sounds in general. It is a very well-thought-out plug-in which includes some very versatile effects, i.e. an Octaver or an SBG (Sub Bass Generator). Try using these effects in different contexts, too. They can be very inspiring.

The Octaver can be selected to work in the octave up or octave down mode and the included Auto-Wah can be further set as well. Specifically to a low, mid, or high Q. This parameter changes the pre-set frequency response of the Wah. To make this plug-in even more awesome, the Modulation section includes Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser, too.

Now feel free to check out the video and try not to move to the groove!

Until next time.


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