Unders shares his thoughts on MixChecker Pro

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This weeks' video is by Unders who checked out the MixChecker Pro plug-in.

MixChecker Pro is our proprietary mixing and mastering assistant plug-in. As the name suggests, it helps you check your mixes in different virtual spaces and monitoring conditions. The plug-in is designed to be put on a master bus as the last plug-in of the chain. Then it allows you to monitor the whole project through the plug-in itself.

Why is this useful? Not every mixing scenario and not all listening conditions are created equally. Most listeners definitely do not consume music on professional audio equipment. More typically used devices for music consumption are i.e. earbuds, laptops, and a basic car or home stereo.

This is why mixing engineers listen to their projects on various devices and in different monitoring scenarios throughout the mixing and especially right before sending the finished mix to be mastered. To check if their mix will translate from one device to another while preserving the important characteristics of the particular track.

However, the budget, space constraints and time of many project-type studios and mixing engineers are limited. Some own multiple monitoring systems and check the mix regularly in different listening conditions (i.e. to run to their cars every few hours). But some are not able to do this as effortlessly and often as they would wish. This is when the MixChecker & MixChecker Pro plug-ins come in handy. You simply mix your track as usual and every time you want to find out how the mix will translate to the different listening scenarios, you press the button and here it is.

So without further ado let's see how Unders likes that!

Until next time.


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