Walter Babbini: MixChecher is always my last step

Walter is a producer/mixing engineer, based in Rome, owner of Bloom Recording Studios. He works mainly in pop, electro-pop, rock and alternative music, often for the Major company but he likes to discover indie artist also.

What is your current main focus? What is your current most important project?

I mix every day lately, so I am very focused on creating new sound solutions, every song has to reveal its soul, so you always have to work to bring this out. I hate to work mechanically...
Currently, I'm mixing the new album by Max Gazze, he s an awesome artist! The album contains an orchestra of 50 elements that masterfully combines with electronic textures and synths, plus Max's voice naturally! I am merging symphonic music with modern contaminations, these are very exciting.

What are the main projects you are proud of?

Surely "La session Cubana" by Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari produced by Don Was, many works with the Oscar winner Maestro Nicola Piovani, a new band called Allthetime and the upcoming album by Max Gazze.

What Audified tools do you use and what for?

I heard from other engineers friend of mine and their plug-ins grabbed my attention immediately. I use U78 Saturator and U73 Compressor which are amazing saturator and compression tools, their timbre is unique, I have a lot of vintage units in my studio, so I'm very exigent on plugin sounds!

What makes you want to use the particular products?

We are producer/engineer so in a continuous search, we will never stop trying alternative sound solutions that can improve our results, so the way we have it is always to test new tools, no matter if are digital or analog, old or new, it's important to play, never stop!

How do you check your mixes? Do you use MixChecker?

Fortunately my control room has a great acoustic treatment, which combined with my ATC 50 monitors it's a good start point to work. Then I use a lot of metering and spectrum analyzers plugins. Sure MixChecher is always my last step before printing a mix, it's really one of the most useful plugins I have tried lately. It saves me a lot of time because I can have different types of listening without moving from my control room, it's a genius plugin!