TNT Voice Executor: First reviews

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Just a few days after the TNT Voice Executor had been released, professional media started working on reviews of this vocal and speech processor. We are very happy we can say the first ones are absolutely positive. Pro Tools Expert Mike Thornton from the Pro Tools Expert describes TNT like this: "It is a preset driven voice and vocal processor, with minimal controls, which can be a little restrictive, but once you get the hang of it you can get it to do the necessary."  You can read the whole review and see perfect video demonstration here. GearSlutz We are proud... Read more →

MixChecker @ Audio Dextrous Ireland (Review)

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After spending some good quality time withMixChecker, I was simply amazed at how often I kept going back to use it. Navigating around MixChecker is pretty straight forward. The software’s functions are broken down into two categories; Simulation and Compensation. ... Read More   Read more →

U78 Saturator: First Reviews

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Our new product, the U78 Saturator, the device based on the circuitry of U73b Compressor has not been out for very long, but it quickly grabbed a lot of attention.  Diogo Borges wrote at "Given its sound quality and ease of use I think It’s definitely worth demoing and finding out if it pleases your ears," and gave it 5 stars for sound quality. Read the whole review. And Michael White made a great video as a part of his Plugin of the week project. Get your trial version to understand, why they liked the sound so much... :)  ... Read more →

inValve Effects @ (Review)

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Audified has just announced the availability of their second generation native plug-ins InValve Effects, which consist of three valve based processors: a Preamp, an EQ and a Compressor. Their promise: slightly warmer tracks, no matter the volume level. So, this is a very straight forward Valve preamp. When I say straight forward, I mean it, there’s just two controls in this plugin: a power switch and a valve saturation knob, that’s it. Even with no saturation at all, these guys keep their promise, the track (in this case, I’m testing it with a vocal track), sounds a bit warmer. Read... Read more →

MixChecker @ Pro Tools Expert (Video)

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In this video review Pro Tools Expert team member Dan Cooper takes a close look at MixChecker By Audified. MixChecker is a simple plug-in that lets users reference their mixes through a variety of simulated playback systems ranging from on ear headphones through to NS10 style monitors and home domestic speakers. Read more →