GearSlutz's review of MixChecker Pro

GearSlutz feedback

"Without hesitation, I give MixChecker Pro two nearly identical thumbs up for vastly expanding the features of the original plugin without sacrificing anything (and avoiding unwanted bloat). Fantastic!!!"

We've just received a review of MixChecker Pro written by Tommy Zai on GearSlutz. We are delighted by the score our new plugin has received!
Sound Quality — 5/5: Sounds exactly as it should — accurate impulse responses.
Ease of Use — 5/5: It couldn’t be easier.
Features — 5/5: It’s simple, effective, and boasts an excellent variety of simulations.
Bang for the Buck — 3.5/5: There’s nothing quite like this on the market, so the pricing is a bit subjective. If you can’t afford it at the list price, look for a sale!

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