Poem about U78

Our buddy from the Facebook group of Audified friends sent us a nicely written feedback on U78 Saturator

"I have used U78 on solo tracks, groups, busses and in the mastering process as well. From musically gnarly to the most gentle touch of warmth, U78 delivers harmonic silkiness and makes my at-home-productions sound so appealing and refined."

"I can’t tell you how many other plugins I’ve replaced by using U78."

"But I also discovered that I could use U78 saturation to minimize compression in some cases even EQ-ing in other cases (to sweeten the sound or get rid of harshness, for instance). It sounds that great!"

"U78 is infinitely easy to use and the sound is so much more attractive and smooth than other similar tools (and it’s very CPU-friendly as well!)."

"I love that this company seems like a good group of real and passionate people who communicate directly with their customers. I can’t wait to continue my collection of Audified plugins!"


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