Radim Hladík Jr. : I’ve been waiting for plug-in like MixChecker for years.

Radim Hladík Jr. is an award-winning sound engineer focussed mainly on the area of film and TV sound with more than 25 years of experience. And as he says “It is still my work and hobby at the same time”.

You can find dozens of great movies and TV series in his portfolio and you will hear his amazing mixing and audio editing skills in every one of them right away.

Radim Hladík Jr.

No wonder Radim was nominated almost every year of his career for Czech Lion Awards (Highest Academy award in the Czech Republic) in the category Best Sound. Radim won the price 4 times, but we believe he has many more awards ahead of him. And we can’t be more proud to hear that he uses our plug-ins in his studio. Even though Radim is based in the Czech Republic, his services are also demanded abroad. In 2006, he became a co-founder of sound production and post-production company Bluetools.

And What does Radim say about working with our plug-ins?

In the last years, cinema production is being taken over by TV stations and companies. Due to the improvement of sound and video technologies, movies intended for cinema production can be broadcasted through high-quality television receivers to home theatre systems and TVs. Also, the majority of people are watching movies on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. As a sound engineer, I have to transform my cinema mixes to television standards. Because of the different dynamics and different ratios among the individual sound components (caused by different frequency range). And that’s exactly when the MixChecker Pro comes in handy. It gives me a clear image of how the transformation might sound on home devices. Thanks to its really clear and accurate simulations, I no longer have to take a journey from my studio to check my mixes in a car, living room and bedroom. It saves me also a lot of space in the studio, because there is no need for that many pairs of studio monitors, that I used to have.

I really have to say, that MixChecker Pro is really the Plug-in I’ve been waiting for for years.

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