RZ062 Equalizer: First reviews

The new RZ062 Equalizer was released just a few days ago and now it's already collecting very positive reviews. Please take a look at some of them. 

Mixing with Mike

Mike White presented RZ062 Equalizer as plug-in of the week in his weekly show. He tested every detail and shows the possible usage of our new effect. 

All Things Gear

Christian de Looper: The Audified RZ062 plugins are easy-to-use and sound awesome. We’ve never used the original RZ062 units, so it’s hard to say how true they are to the original — but for some that may not matter. We loved using the EQ to bring out a vocal and cymbal track, and while it didn’t blow us away on bass like it did on vocals, it still came in handy on a bass track in our testing. Read the whole story.


Andrew Carrol: The RZ062’s saturation is some of the most pleasing that you will ever hear.  Even at extremely high levels, the audio is warmed like Moses and the Burning Bush; instead of your audio being ruined by cheap, tacked on saturation from lower quality plugins, you have high-quality saturation, ready to be pummelled into your audio. Read the whole review.


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