RZ062 Equalizer: Quoted by the artists

We are glad our RZ062 Equalizer gained so much popularity so quickly. We have gathered some respected artists reactions. They may tell you why our latest plug-in is so sought-after.


And if you don't believe them. Just get yourself a fully working 30 days trial version and verify their words. Tony Vincent: The presence filter of the “B” is absolutely brilliant! The RZ062 Equalizer is one of the most ear-pleasing (and EYE-pleasing!) EQ’s I’ve ever used.

Emre Ramazanoglu (Noel Gallagher, Lily Allen...): The RZ062 EQ by Audified has jumped to being my first call broad-strokes tone shaping tool. The sweet, substantial and incredibly musical high and low bands are complemented so perfectly by the powerful sculpting force of the mid tilt. Combined with the sensational saturation and stereo functionality, this is a landmark tool for your tone" It's become my go to for just transforming ANY sound into something useable. What a TOTAL gift!

Baby Brown: I love the RZ062 EQ for its simplicity and authenticity. Sometimes you need to use broad strokes on buses and in mastering. Just be sure to set up the calibration to get the most from it (-15 dBFS is the choice for a little coloration) and drive the inputs a little (+1/2 dB is usually enough). You get a great visual from the gently pulsing saturation indicators.  You'll get dramatic results on buses and groups too by using the RZ062 to gently fatten the low end and elevate the highs for some billboard style clarity. Interestingly, the RZ062's  most unique strength is its sophisticated 'Tilt' behavior, which is controlled by the 650 Hz mid band. As you rotate that frequency band one way the bass will increase whilst the treble simultaneously decreases and vice versa. It's a very effective way of altering the overall frequency balance of your material in a fashion you otherwise might not. 

Boris Carloff: I would put RZ062 anywhere where there is a need to add more bass, highs, or mids. It is wasting its potential to use it for cutting frequencies since this is mastering-quality EQ. Its colouration is what makes it so unique. You can really sweeten things, and it is well known as the best voice EQ ever.

Simon Duggal: As soon as I inserted the RZ062 eq on a channel and dialed in some frequencies I was seriously impressed. It sounded great on my drum bus. The bottom end is tight and the top end on the B model is super smooth and pleasing to listen, too. This EQ has got great character and is very easy to use. Another outstanding plugin from the team at Audified. I’m sure this eq will be used on many of my tracks alongside their other great plugs.


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