Sphene Pro vs. Sphene LE, which one is for you?

Hello Audified friends,

Recently, we have released new high-gain plug-in for bass - Sphene.
We have put out two versions - a Pro version and an LE version. Which one is for you? Here is our answer.

Sphene Pro vs. Sphene LE

  • Sphene Pro - First thing to realize is that Sphene Pro is the ultimate and full-featured version. It is a modern high-gain bass workstation based on our proprietary sound aesthetics. It delivers wide variety of contemporary metal-suited distorted tones and it is not limited in any way. It includes five different amp models with completely different gain characteristics and five totally different cabinet impulses. Every AMP can be paired with every CAB included, and its distortion can be blended to taste by the Blend knob. This gives you 25 different AMP & CAB combinations in total. And depending on the Blend and ToneSpot knobs positions, you can get astonishing and almost uncountable set of totally contrasting gain tones. Regular price of Sphene Pro is $79.
  • Sphene LE - This version has limited features in comparison to Pro version, but only in a sense of options, not functionality. The main limitation is that only one AMP and one CAB are available. That makes it 1/25 of the Pro version in terms of options. No other features are limited, you still have the Blend and ToneSpot knob and the rest of the features available.

So, here you have it. Our answer is both! :) We encourage you to try the LE version first, and see for yourself whether you like it. The Pro version has many different sound options in comparison to the LE, and if you like the LE version, you will like the Pro at least twenty-five times more!