TNT Voice Executor: First reviews

Just a few days after the TNT Voice Executor had been released, professional media started working on reviews of this vocal and speech processor. We are very happy we can say the first ones are absolutely positive.

Pro Tools Expert

Mike Thornton from the Pro Tools Expert describes TNT like this: "It is a preset driven voice and vocal processor, with minimal controls, which can be a little restrictive, but once you get the hang of it you can get it to do the necessary." 

You can read the whole review and see perfect video demonstration here.


We are proud Diogo Borges covered the TNT Voice Executor with stars in his GearSlutz review: "Audified has established themselves as a respected development team with the excellent sounding U73b compressor and U78 saturator plug-ins," says Diogo, "so it’s not surprising that the TNT sounds very good."

Both reviews recommend that you at least get the 30 days trial version. That's a great start for our new baby...


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