inValve Effects
"Time-proven concept"
Set of 3 plug-ins simulating valve devices with exact modelling of analog circuits and valve characteristics.
Software product, electronic download, immediate delivery.
Exact model of valve circuits
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
Plug-in in AAX, Audio Unit and VST format compatible with all major audio workstations


Analog-like workflow and analog-like sound will give your track the right analog vibe.

3 plug-ins in a bundle
Valve circuit simulation
Analog behaviour
Variety of usage
Affordable price
Low CPU load

The History

These affordable plug-ins were originally prepared for TC PowerCore, but they now run on native platforms (VST2/VST3/AU/AAX). The latest version is 64 bit and supports the current versions of operating systems. Plug-ins can handle 1-8 channels without the need to use the special multichannel version (standard and multi-channels versions merged into one universal version).

Transistor effects

Most of analog EQ's, compressors or modulation effects use transistors as active parts.

Hybrid valve effects

inValve combines the standard transistor effect circuits with a valve amplifier just the same way as the TLA originals. This design allows comfortable control of the EQ or dynamic effect parameters, as the transistor circuits are much more flexible than valve circuits, and it still provides the warmth and smoothness of the valve sound.


Discover the product features in Audified and 3rd party video tutorials and reviews.

inValve Compressor
An emulation of a standard analog compressor utilising the characteristics of tubes
inValve Equalizer
A four-band parametric EQ with additional HP and LP filters.
InValve Pre-amp
A precise software emulation of a tube amplifier. The sound is not affected too much, it just adds the warmth and smoothness you need for analog-like mixes

Technical info

System requirements of the selected product. For some effects and applications, we have versions compatible with older systems. Please visit the Downloads page and browse the available versions if your system is older than specified here.

Mac OS X 10.9 - macOS 11.1
AAX 32b, AAX 64b, AU 32b, AU 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Compatible
Windows 7 - Windows 10
AAX 32b, AAX 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

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