Research projects with Technical University 

Audified has a long partnership with Brno Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and communications. We cooperate on the scientific projects of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies. The results of the cooperation appear in the university labs, as well as other software solution provided by Audified.  

Another faculty of the Technical University, the Faculty Of Information Technology, uses Audified hardware platform for processing signals from large number of microphones.




Audified also helps students to find topics for their diploma and semestral works and provides consultations. 









Research Center of Janacek Academy of Performing Arts

We have participated in a project where we established a Research Center of Janacek Academy of Performing Arts. We introduced several methods how to use modern technologies in the education of talented young artists in classical music.

We have developed several software applications and effects for students, they are able to model the conditions of recording and listening to classical audio materials.

Audio Engineering university studies

The AUDIFIED director Lubor Prikryl came with an idea to establish the first specialized studies of Audio Engineering in Czech Republic. The Janacek Academy, the Technical University of Brno and AUDIFIED joined forces and established the inter-university studies. AUDIFIED participates in teaching, entry exams organization and has a seat in the program council.

Information about the studies at the websites of the participating universities: