Win $400 for software of your choice

Who would like to pay cash for anything. Well, you don't have to. At least not for our software, if you just enter this little contest. There are 20 coupons to be won. What do you have to do?

1st prize – 400 dollars coupon

2nd prize – 300 dollars coupon

3rd prize – 200 dollars coupon

4-10th prize – 100 dollars coupon

11-20th prize – 50 dollars coupon

All other contestants will be awarded!


Shoot a video

All you have to do to enter the contest is to shoot a single video using any of our products. It can be any of the free ones or any of those you already own.

What video?

It is really up to you. Show us a great guitar lick, awesome performance of your music skilled dog. Make a screencast that shows extra tip, technique or unusual use of our software. Amaze your audience or make them laugh or cry. It's your life, your creativity, it's your choice.

Enter the contest

When you you create your artwork, please upload it on YouTube and use our simple form to let us know you did it. We will check the video to analyze whether it really features our software and if it is not offensive to anyone (including us :))). The video will then be put on the special dedicated website and posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


We will gather the videos throughout March. Then the contest gate will be closed for the newcomers. And we will give the videos 10 more days to fight for the audience's attention. The winner will be announced on April 13.

Who wins?

The view on art is subjective. We do not think we can pick the best video ourselves. The one with the most views on YouTube wins.