Songwriter, producer, sound engineer

The sound of Audified amps is perfectly raw and distinctive so defining band´s sound is very simple and fast.

Jarek is very familiar with all Audified products because of his close collaboration with Audified on making ampLion, GK Amplification, STA plugins and inTone. Using most of them daily since 2007 and having awesome results on every production he does for his clients.
In 2015 Jarek finished the 1st part of progressive rock-metal concept album Proměny Života for band CKB. He did all the songwriting, producing, playing, recording, mixing and mastering on this album.
Jarek also built the performing band and prepared modern live-sound solution (inTone included). Beside CKB Jarek produces other bands such as There's Blood In My Ears (Metalcore), Light House 7 (Crossover-electronica), Dead Generation (Crossover-Punk) and many others.
Nearby rock and metal Jarek also loves funk, smooth jazz and country music.
In 2015 Jarek started making own drum sample libraries due to his passion for perfect drum sound.

Jarek uses:

ampLion Pro, GK Amplification 2, MultiCabinet, MultiDrive, Pedals, STA plugins, inTone 2