GEARSLUTZ: Why use this thing?

In the midst of my professional career, I spent a couple weeks at The Music Palace in New York. During the final mix of a few ragtime-hip hop tracks, my engineer did something I’ll never forget. He took out a little steel cased drive-in movie speaker and plopped it in between the studio monitors.  >>>

Mixing With Mike: Monitor References and the Audified MixChecker Plugin

PRODUCER SPOT:  MixChecker Assistant Plugin

But trust to me has to be earned so I decided to compare Mix Checker to a similar plugin that came with my audio interface one that has gained my trust over the years and has most of the settings that Mix Checker has and I must say I was pleasantly surprised as they do sound very much alike and that’s good. >>>

ASK.AUDIO: MixChecker gives you a clever way to save a good deal of time and effort.

MixChecker from Audified aims to greatly reduce the amount of time spent fiddling about with the process of testing your mixes on different music devices. This deceptively simple plug-in can be inserted across the master buss of a project


AUDIO FANZINE: Check, please! Video review by Mike Levine

MixChecker from Audified makes it possible to reference your mix on a wide range of simulated speaker types to see how it translates. How well does it work? Find out in this video review. >>>