ReMark is application capable to creating first-rate recordings that can be easily browsed through or additionally (and repeatedly) listened to by means of simple insertion of time- and text marks.

Product characteristics

The application enables individual addition of up to 24 microphones, followed by a smooth mixing of the input signal.

Each track is moreover capable of further adjustments utilizing a high-quality 4-parametric equalizer with an option to select particular tracks for the final mp3 recording.

Transfer to a remote server providing data back-up or online access to the recording, time marks, all notes and comments is an inseparable part of the ReMark system.

Further functions, such as insertion and search according to time marks or slowing down the playback for more comfortable transcription are also available.

Options for utilization

ReMark can be comfortably used during local authorities’ meetings, court or company negotiations, sessions, training courses, lectures and other conference-like events. Its utilization is possible when making record of a police interrogation as well.


  • Insertion of time marks and notes or comments for easier orientation in the recording.
  • Record saving in individual tracks with an option for separate track playback.
  • Filing function including compression and a possible back-up on various servers for storage purposes.
  • Selection of playback speed.
  • Variety of audio files for export (mp3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AIFF).
  • Minimum hardware requirements.
  • Well-arranged and intuitive control options.
  • Regarding number of tracks, ReMark system is provided in 2- / 8- / and 24-channel versions.