Artist, songwriter, producer

I love modulation effects. InTone has great chorus, flanger and phaser. It also features great auto wah and octaver. What surprised me the most are the distortion and ovedrive effects.

Richard Scheufler

Richard is one of the most significant personalities of the contemporary Czech, but also European music scene. Richard's music represents a mixture of various music styles including funk, Pop, Rock, modern jazz, hardcore and its fusion with the classical music.

Richard loves to experiment with his sound. He loves to play around with effects, all kind of settings and signal routing.

Richard Scheufler is well-known to the music community for his teaching activities. He is the author of the audio bass school Slap & Funky. In 2000, the video school of the same title was published as the first video school of its kind in Czech Republic.


Richard uses:

inTone 2, inValve Effects, GK Amplification 2 Pro, STA Effects, Pedals