Advanced multichannel multi-playlist player with network control, full redundancy and control protocols support

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Reasons to use

  • If the sound is an important part of the show requiring to continue the playback even if the playback computer fails
  • If the playback server is not at the same place as control computers (or laptops)
  • If the playback requires many modes when controlled from mixing console faders (auto pause etc.)



Multichannel playback


Parallel operation of two computers to increase the security


Possibility to control the production from the main FOH console or from any computer in the network


One player is available for playing spots - audio files independent on the current project.


The program could be controlled by computer keyboard, mixing consoles, MIDI controllers, and all the interface is optimized for touchscreen control


Saves time when preparing the live production


SceneFlow is capable of simultaneous and independent playback from five eight-channel players at the same time (40 channels). It is suitable for all theaters, shows, stadiums or stage projects that need surround multichannel sound. It can be remotely controlled by computers in network and simultaneously backed up during show by other computers.


    General SceneFlow features
  • Up to 4 independent players with assignment to max. 8 audio channels each
  • One Spot player for playback of the files independent on the opened project (spots, jingles)
  • Program control from a mixing console - several transport and auto-pause modes
  • Master-Slave mode for playback backup
  • Remote GUI mode for networked operation or Local mode
  • All functions are controllable via MIDI
  • Reliable and safe functions - automatic copying of content to a designated location
  • Simultaneous playback from multiple playlists
  • Multichannel playback from a single WAV file
  • Intuitive GUI, drag & drop, TouchScreen compliant graphic interface




Standard audio players

Attempts to play audio files at important events may result in failures of reliable playback due to human mistakes or technical issues.


SceneFlow has simple intuitive interface. So the playback is reliable, not only technically thanks to redundancy, but also thanks to the easy human control


SceneFlow system is available in 3 versions
  • Express: 3 2-channel playlists
  • Standard: 5 8-channel playlists, for one computer
  • Pro: 5 8-channel playlists, versions for two servers and up to 5 control computers


SceneFlow offers an interface with large buttons, so the touch control is reliable. The players are quickly rearrangeable.


MIDI setting allow flexible assignment of the MIDI control numbers to the required commands. including time delays for fine-tuning of the control. (For a particular customer, we added a Game Port support to integrate SceneFlow with older components of their system).


Player preferences allow to assign track colors and other parameters of the visual behavior of playlist representation

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