Schools and students

Audified educational discount program

We believe that no one can learn how to create music without access to the right and professional tools. Therefore we came up with this program that makes our software accessible to students, teachers and schools.

Students get 60% discount on any order

Since this discount is quite remarkable, you perhaps understand we need a little proof. To get your personal discount code, please fill this form. The application is verified manually, so please be patient. Student code is valid for one year. After you receive it, you may use it for every shopping on checkout.

Schools and teachers get 70% discount

We understand schools need multiple licences of every software and getting those can be quite difficult. Please give us a proof that you are licensed learning facility or teacher (by filling this form) and we will fill your needs. School/teacher discount vouchers are valid for one year.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our educational program and multi-licence options.