Shopping Guide

How to get your software in 15 easy steps

We try to keep your shopping as simple as possible. But if you got to trouble (which may be the reason you are reading this page) please use this short step-by-step guide.

1) Choose our product and fall in love with it.
2) Once you have found the right product, click the Add to cart button.

3) To reveal your cart, click the Cart button

4) Review your shopping items and proceed to Checkout

5) If there are items in your shopping cart, that need to be paid for, choose the Payment type that suits you best.


6) You may have a discount code, apply it in this step, too.


7) After choosing a Payment type and applying your discount code, click the Complete order button.
8) Follow the instructions of the Payment Gateway to proceed with your payment.
9) You will receive 3 e-mails. One of them contains your serial number and download link. If not, contact our support.

10) Go to our Downloads page.
11) Choose the product family (i.e. InTone 2 for inTone 2 and inTone 2 Solo).
12) Choose a link of a version that matches your computer operating system (Mac/PC) and click it.


13) Copy your serial number from your e-mail and replace xxx-xxxxxxxxxx-xxxx symbols on the Downloads page with it.

14) Fill your e-mail address to register your software.
15) Hit Download, install your software and enjoy!


While in any trouble with our pages, please try to clear your browser history. In case this doesn't help, don't hesitate to contact us.