Installation microphones

Microphones and microphone arrays for Audified systems or for standard audio interfaces.

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Reasons to use

  • If you need microphones requiring minimum of space, unobtrusive and in tune with the room equipment
  • If the exact positions of a speakers is not known
  • If you want to reduce noise and improve voice intelligibility for human ears or for speech recognition
  • If you need a different spatial sensitivity pattern than provided by common microphones
  • If you require top technical parameters for a very good price


Microphones are equipped with superior quality MEMS chips. For special use, also an electret capsule variant is available.


Very compact size


Flat frequency response


Variable arrangement of microphone sets


Audified DSP algorithms for array processing


Excellent dynamics and sensitivity


Cost effective solution

Possible arrangements

The microphone is very small, the size depends rather on the required mounting and cable connection. Audified delivered custom microphone arrays for systems where the available space was very limited and the arrays had to be completely hidden, built into the installed AV equipment. The placement is realized either mounting the individual microphones to very accurate holders with required geometry (large dimensions) or using a set of microphones on a single board:

  • Individual microphones
  • Linear array
  • Square array
  • Polygonal array
AUDIFIED peripherals


There are a few examples of use of our microphone arrays. The installed systems were always equipped with required processing algorithms running on DSP chips of the Audified SCENE hardware, or as software modules for standard computers.

  • Many types of interactive installations where the presented content is controlled by voice (CAMP Prague, Museum of water, ...)
  • Conference rooms with fixed hidden microphones
  • Rooms where the speaking people positions are very flexible and unknown at the time of installation
  • Audio capturing for artificial intelligence systems

Standard microphones

Standard microphones usually offer spherical, eight, cardioid or hyper-cardioid patterns. The directional microphones are large and they cannot easily change the direction they are focused to.

MEMS arrays

We offer much more advanced sensitivity patterns or microphones attached to special DSP chips determining the speaking person position. Additional speech and signal processing available, too.

Installed arrays

Audified microphone arrays installed in one of multimedia expositions. Installed by Veolia a.s., Photo by Cesky Rozhlas.

Single microphone

Single microphone for analog symmetric cable connection with Phantom (compatible with microphone input standards). The sensing part is on the other side of the board.

Can be used with

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Output type Balanced or digital
Powering Phantom power or digital
Directionality (single mic) Omni
Freq. response (±1 dB) 50Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity −38 dBV (differential)
THD (105 dB SPL) 0.2%
Dynamic Range 101dB
SNR 67dBA, 20kHz Bandwidth
Acoustic overload point 132 dBSPL (160 dB SPL absolute maximum)
Maximum output voltage 1V rms (132dB SPL, 10% THD)
Compliance Lead‐free solder processes - RoHS compliant
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