ASCore processor module in SO-DIMM format

ASCore processor module in SO-DIMM format

The SO-DIMM format processor modules could create a base for the digital or digital/analog audio devices. They can run various algorithms and communication code. Audified offers the necessary know-how and hardware and software environment to build customized systems based on this module.

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Reasons to use

  • If you need scalable performance, variable memories and peripherals
  • If you'd utilize the Audified algorithms or if you would use the platform where your algorithms will process audio
  • If you need great performance on a small area, with small power consumption
  • If your product should be controlled remotely from computers or mobile devices
  • If you want to save years of development and prototyping and you want your product to enter the market as soon as possible



Complex system with processors, peripherals and software


Several types of large memories including SD card


Scalable number of inputs and outputs


Works as computer audio interface


Supports Linux, RTOS or bare metal coding


Computer control from apps or web browsers

Form factor

The board connects to a standard SO-DIMM (smart outline memory module) connector. Audified provides a base board with audio and control peripheral circuits but this solution enables customers to construct their own base boards with AD DA converters and any other circuits.




  • ARM Cortex A5 processor, allowing to run Linux, RTOS or bare metal code
  • 1 or 2 SHARC+ cores with superior performance in FFT and FIR/IIR filters
  • DDR3 shared memory
  • Flash memory for programs (algorithms)
  • Non volatile memory for remembering of the last state
  • The Audified boards are manufactured in EU and have certificates for automotive, guaranteeing the highest reliability. RoHS (lead free) and other environmental protection requirements are fulfilled as well as the EM radiation limits.



  • Digital audio bus for AD-DA converters
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • Internal bus signals - I2C, SPI
  • Clocks, power, ...




  • All court rooms in Czech Republic (Installations in progress)
  • Logging recorder with automatic publishing of recorded MP3 files to a server
  • Solutions of other companies, our partners

One-purpose boards

Final products for consumer audio, installations and music industry have many variants. The development of many variants takes is expensive and slow, because each design must be produced as a prototype and carefully tested.

Universal building box

Audified SO DIMM boards and the supplementary ecosystem offer easier creation of the audio products. Select modules from a building box, with one system bus for audio and control signals. Design of many variants of a product and the customization is effective and fast.

Can be used with

Audified offers peripheral components for the ASCORE module. The boards and circuits may be customized. Audified also offers full software support for the peripheral boards.

  • Base boards with inputs, outputs, Ethernet, USB and with prototyping connectors. The board uses the Audified system bus so there are many analog input and output boards available. See the descriptions of available boards.
  • Extension boards with MIDI, HiZ, Microphone and line i/o. Two additional MikroE ports allow easy connection of almost any of hundreds of MikroE ClickBoards. You can add sensors, controls, relays, indicators and other functional boards without a need to develop them from scratch.

Furthermore, the board communicates with 3rd party or Audified peripherals using standard layers and protocols such as USB, Ethernet, I2C.

Base board

The SO DIMM Module is used in hundreds of installations with a base board, allowing to connect all peripherals.

Prototyping board

For music industry products, Audified created a prototyping board which can be connected directly to the base board via two multi-pin connectors.

Software options

Our mission: The hardware without excellent firmware and control software would not make sense.

  • The hardware board runs Audified software for the ARM processor (Linux, RTOS, BM) and software for the SHARC.
  • A top-class library of algorithms, proven in Audified effect SW.
  • The firmware for the DSP processors is open, allowing to incorporate custom DSP code written in C/C++.
  • Audified offers a control protocol, allowing full external control from iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.
  • Audified provides a plug-in framework allowing the integration of the hardware equipped with our board into DAW systems.
  • In some of our applications, a web server runs on the board, so the system communicates over internet.
  • The board may even run an audio host application connecting to an external audio interface via USB host connector (as an extension to the internal audio system).
  • The board offers several pins and signals to control a variety of peripherals. Audified provides a code library required for communication with these peripherals.

Examples of available algorithms

  • MP3 recorder with automatic publishing of files to a cloud server
  • Various dynamics processors
  • Parametric and graphic EQ
  • Valve simulation preamps
  • Transistor simulation preamps
  • Speaker modeling, speaker characteristics compensation, low latency, IR or better technology
  • Complete guitar processing
  • Feedback elimination
  • Multichannel microphone processing for speech, auto mixing

Technical specifications

HW acceleration FIR, IIR. Harmonic analysis, SINC
Memory DDR3 RAM for DSP parameters and CPU data storage, flash, SD, nonvolatile RAM
Data format for DSP 32, 40, 64 bit floating point, 32 bit fixed point
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