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Components for audio systems

PCB Boards for immediate use or for prototyping and custom system creation..

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One purpose boards

Final products for consumer audio, installations and music industry have many functionalities, various sets of inputs and outputs, various control elements and various processing algorithms. The development of such a complex system takes years and could be very expensive.

Building box approach

Audified ASCore board and the supplementary ecosystem offers easier creation of the audio systems. Select modules from a building box, with one system bus for audio and control signals. Design of very customized systems is effective and fast.

Available boards

Audified has developed several peripheral modules. Each module can be used in multiple instances.
  • XLR combo input board - 4 inputs with analog discrete amps, digitally controlled analog gain in 60 dB range.
  • XLR output board - 4 outputs
  • TRS output board - 4 symmetric outputs
  • TRS input board - 4 symmetric inputs
  • Headphones amplifier for 4 headphones, 4 independent mono or 2x2 pairs of stereo headphones
  • HiZ input circuit
  • Dot matrix display
  • Touch front panel
  • Rotary encoders front panel
Furthermore, the systems could be extended using custom wall and table peripherals .

Microphone/Line inputs

  • 4 Microphone XLR inputs combined with TRS line inputs
  • 60 dB analog gain adjusted by low noise discrete (transistor) circuits
  • Individual phantom
  • Connects to 1 slot of Audified system bus
Microphone/Line inputs

Line TRS inputs

  • 4 line inputs on the board
  • Symmetric
  • Connects to 1 slot of Audified system bus
Line TRS inputs

Headphones TRS outputs

  • 4 line outputs on the board
  • Either 4 independent mono headphones or 2 pairs of stereo headphones
  • Connects to 1 slot of Audified system bus
Headphones TRS outputs

16 channels extender

  • 16 channels AKM AD converters
  • 32 bit / 768 kHz
  • Connects to 1 slot of Audified ASCore board
16 channels extender

SO DIMM format processor modules

SO DIMM format processor modules

Base board for Audified SO DIMM modules

  • USB, Ethernet
  • Analog and digital audio
  • 3 slots of Audified system bus (input, output, control)
Base board for Audified SO DIMM modules
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