inTone 2
"Make your performances multifarious easily"
Multichannel FX processor, software mixing console, instruments host, and a flexible multitrack zonal player switching setups in a jiffy.
Software product, electronic download, immediate delivery.
Product for keyboard players
Product for guitarists
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
Opens 3rd party VST (PC) or AU (Mac) plug-ins
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More than 30 effects included
All basic guitar and bass effects
Software instruments hosting
Software mixing console
Recording tools
Advanced multitrack players

Use inTone 2 to perform, train, record, play multiple tracks...

It’s a host for amp simulating software, that spares you from lifting heavy gear. It’s a truck loaded with equipment that will meet any band’s raider. inTone 2 is a universal tool, that finds its place on stage, club, or pub, in band’s rehearsal rooms, at music schools, in-home studios, in a touring bus, at a park bench, at a party... Just about anywhere, where you desire to make music.

All of that I can do in DAW. Really?

If you need to load presets quickly by one mouse click, arranged in any order, distinguished by color and other tags - you'd have to prepare a list of files, rename them, and load them as projects. It is possible in DAW, it is slow and limited.

If you need to change just some of the settings, either processing or file playback - it is quite impossible in DAW. 

If you need to start tracks independently at any time, it is not possible in DAW.

If you need to record at any point in the mixing scheme, it is either not possible or very complicated in DAW. 

To be honest: If you need a time axis, e.g. you know that the track should be triggered at 3:09 and all the effects on channel 5 will have to be changed at  7:15, use DAW combining automation and shifting of the takes in tracks. But if you need a custom triggering of tracks, switching of effect sets just when you decide to do so, inTone is the solution! 

Furthermore, inTone is much easier to learn and faster to set up.  


Version comparison

Feature Solo ESI Pro
Insert Chains 3 4 9
Instruments max. 1 4 9
Track Players Max 1 4 9
Aux buses 1 1 2
Included effects 36 36 36
Preset manager for live Yes Yes Yes
Playback speed Yes Yes Yes
Playback tuning Yes Yes Yes

Audio Chains

inTone allows you to route any of your sound card inputs into any audio chain. Each of them features a gain knob, FX section, volume fader, bypass, mute and solo buttons, AUX sends and individual recorder. Any chain can be routed to any sound card output or inTone`s Master Chain.

Virtual Instrument Chains

Plug-in your keys or pads and use virtual samplers and synths in your live shows. Add the sound of multiple virtual instruments to your mix at the same time.


inTone Track Player is an advanced MP3/AAC/WAV/AIFF file player. It allows you to create playlists, change speed and tuning of songs and loop the playback. The sound of the tracks can be also affected.


inTone allows recording the audio signal of any track at almost any point of the signal path. Record the whole mix, record in the Master Chain, or simultaneously record multiple tracks of a live gig to mix them later. You may even record unprocessed audio, or even add a Track Recorder module to any place in the Effect section.

FX Section

Every track features 8 audio effect slots. You can use any of the 36 effects included in inTone. You get a complete set of basic dynamic effects, equalizers, amplifier simulation, filters, etc.


inTone can be remotely controlled by any MIDI controller to improve live performance comfort. It is not just a simple mapping - there is a complete MIDI transforming engine with multiple parameters with defined ranges and behavior controllable by one MIDI control element. Connect any MIDI controller and decide which parameters you would like to control live while playing. Turn knobs, drag faders, switch FX on and off or change presets. Anything you desire is possible.

Technical info

System requirements of the selected product. For some effects and applications, we have versions compatible with older systems. Please visit the Downloads page and browse the available versions if your system is older than specified here.

Mac OS X 10.12 - macOS 11
Standalone app
Windows 7 - Windows 10
Standalone app

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