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Uses iLok protection system. The USB dongle is not required. More info
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
Plug-in in AAX, Audio Unit and VST format compatible with all major audio workstations

Make your mix exceptational for everyone

MixChecker is a unique and useful plugin to help your mixes. Simulating consumer devices, MixChecker helps to quickly check reference mixes without extra exports. With simple UI and intuitive controls, MixChecker helps you save time and find mistakes in your mix.



Choose from 12 different consumer devices. We made sure that the simulations represent the most accurate representation of each device.

Mono & Calibration

Check the mono compatibility of your mix, and calibrate the track volume to get the best results.

New Engine

Along with streamlined and modernized UI, we incorporated the more precise and technologically advanced engine from MixChecker Pro. We are happy to announce that the newest update is fully Apple Silicon compatible.

How we made it

We've spent weeks measuring the frequency responses and other behavior of all the devices in laboratory conditions to create the accurate models you can rely on.


A precise definition of devices and listening environments ensures you get the best simulations to test your reference mixes in real time.

Which MixChecker is best for you?

Choose the right version for you. If you already own MixChecker, upgrade to MixChecker Pro using code " PurchasedMixCheckerFromAudified " at the checkout.

Perfect for in-depth editing of consumer devices

Simple but featured layout

Over simulated 60 devices

Perfect for quick reference mix check

Simpler layout

12 simulated devices

For all the technical specifications, device list, and technology details, please refer to the user manual here.

Technical info

System requirements of the selected product. For some effects and applications, we have versions compatible with older systems. Please visit the Downloads page and browse the available versions if your system is older than specified here.

Mac OS X 10.11 - macOS 12
AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Native
Windows 7 - Windows 11
AAX 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

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