RZ062 Equalizer
"The sweetest EQ of all time"
The exact models of vintage analog Equalizers.
Software product, electronic download, immediate delivery.
Exact model of valve circuits
This effect offers advanced calibration (headroom adjustment) - the relation between the digital and analog levels.
Compatible with MacOS and Windows
Plug-in in AAX, Audio Unit and VST format compatible with all major audio workstations
Uses iLok protection system. The USB dongle is not required. More info
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The sweetest EQ of all time

Both RZ062 plug-ins deliver pleasant vintage warmth and amazing presence to your vocals, instruments, and entire mixes.

Legend updated

We have optimized and improved the tube simulation part of DSP and reduced CPU consumption in the latest update. This allows for more precise tube sound and better workflow. We've also added a UI zoom option and extended support for the latest operating systems and DAWs. RZ062 is also Apple Silicon native.

Two plugins in one.


The middle knob of RZ062A rotates the frequency curve around the central point of 650 Hz. When the bass frequencies are raised, the trebles are simultaneously lowered and vice versa. 


The RZ062 works bit differently. Its presence knob lets you choose one of four frequencies (1.4, 2, 2.8, and 4 kHz) and adjust their gain independently. This parameter helps your sonic material to cut through very gently.


RZ062‘s place is everywhere where extra bass, treble, or presence is needed. It  improves the tracks' overall color , and enriches harmonic spectrum , thanks to simulated tube saturation . RZ062 is perfect for vocals, bass, or acoustic instruments and a must-have for mastering .

The Model

To create RZ062 , we had to emulate more than 200 circuit components. These highly precise analog circuits made the original units so special . For RZ062, we used so-called “white box modeling.“


The RZ062 Equalizers were designed in Germany almost 60 years ago for installation in mixing consoles, together with the U73b compressors and other ingenious valve-based modules of that time.


They were used in European studios to perform modification of frequency characteristics of the recorded sound to eliminate undesired studio acoustics. But their complex valve circuits bring something much more interesting than just basic equalization: The incredibly subtle sound color, which is highly valued in modern recording projects. 



RZ062 - Product Introduction

RZ062 Review - Joshua Casper

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Technical info

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Mac OS X 10.11 - macOS 12
AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Native
Windows 7 - Windows 11
AAX 64b, VST3 64b

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