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Advanced 2 channel multi-player

SceneFlow Express is capable of simultaneous and independent playback from three stereo players at the same time. It is suitable for small theaters, shows, stadiums or stage projects.

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The SCENEFLOW is a professional solution for playing multi-channel audio files from multiple source files on the Windows platform both in theaters and on public performances. The software is distributed in three versions: SceneFlow Express is affordable yet powerful. SceneFlow Classic is a standard for most theaters and live shows, while SceneFlow Pro offers extra functions for network operations and advanced backup system.

The main advantages of the program include multichannel playback, parallel operation of two computers with SCENEFLOW to increase the security of the whole play-out technology during very complex productions. The whole program is designed as a network application with a possibility to control the production from the main FOH console or from any computer in the network. The controlling computers could be connected to the main and backup computer by an Ethernet cable or by a WiFi, which makes the connection setup much easier. There are four standalone players available in the Pro version and one spot player is available for playing audio files independent on the current project. Each player handles up to 8 audio channels, so the application may supply up to 40 channels. The program could be controlled by computer keyboard, advanced MIDI, Game Port and all the interface elements are adjusted for touchscreen control as well.

Configuration examples

1. Two players with the Master and Slave stations and the Remote GUI station(s)

The SCENE Audio Server - a part of the SCENEFLOW Pro system - is installed on Server1 and Server2. It manages and replays the audio files. Both Servers have audio interfaces installed. Remote1 and 2 computers run the Remote GUI components of SCENEFLOW Pro. Remote GUI controls both Servers synchronously, so any failure of one server does not harm the production and the other Server may continue playback.

2. One player with a Master and Remote GUI configuration

The SCENE Audio Server - a part of the SCENEFLOW Pro system - is installed on Server1. It manages and replays the audio files and it has an audio interface installed. The Remote1 computer runs the Remote GUI of SCENEFLOW Pro. This configuration is useful when the mixing console and the playback system cannot be in one location.

3. The basic configuration - local playback in the Standalone mode

SCENE Audio Server and SCENEFLOW Pro GUI run on the same computer.

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Windows 7 - Windows 10
Standalone app

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