ToneSpot Voice Pro
"Best vocal mix spotted easily"
The all-in-one vocal mixing tool, which will make your voice sit in the track perfectly.
Software product, electronic download, immediate delivery.
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Exact model of valve circuits
iLok not required
Compatible with MacOS and Windows & Plug-in in AAX, Audio Unit and VST format compatible with all major audio workstations


The Swiss Army Knife of mixing for your vocal tracks. Designed to fit all musical genres from vintage to modern.

Processing power and flexibility
Intuitive controls
Inspired by world-class records
Intelligent gain staging

Tone hunting

As producers and mixing engineers we face daily challenges to make things sound more energetic, more full of life. For every artist, this could mean completely the opposite. Our role is to grasp an artist's vision and make it real through all kinds of sound-shaping methods. We are the Tone Hunters!


The great-sounding vocal is one of the most important things in today’s music production. It is often the key to success in almost every style of music. In particular, the lead vocal track is usually the main guide for the listener throughout the song. There are tons of different approaches and aesthetics of vocal production from which to choose, but they share some similarities as well.

Mixing vocals

Many steps of getting the right vocal mix are based on the same acoustic principles. Whether you mix an old school swing or the latest pop sensation, you will most probably need to use some equalization and compression, plus some kind of ambiance. Depending on the genre, this could mean anything from subtle up to very heavy sound processing.

With the ToneSpot Voice Pro, you have all the tools to mix your vocals from start to finish included in only one plug-in.

The ToneSpot Voice Pro is suitable for mixing any kind of vocal track from lush singing up to a heavy screaming and anything in between. Backing vocals, vocal layers, and harmonies will blend like never before. Plus you can use it to mix a spoken word and podcasts, too.

Standard vocal mix chains

Vocal chains can get complicated pretty quickly. Especially in today’s musical environment when everything is supposed to sound big, full and present.

ToneSpot solution

There is a more effective solution. With the ToneSpot technology, you can minimize the number of plug-ins you use, while maintaining the highest sound quality possible.

Meet the ToneSpot Voice Pro

ToneSpot Voice Pro consists of ten powerful modules plus the input and output sections. They represent the vocal mix workflow and the signal is fed through them in series from left to right. Each module can be turned ON and OFF separately.

  • Character - Determines the basic flavor of the sound.
  • Distortion - Based on a vintage guitar amp, perfect for i.e. extreme voice techniques.
  • Saturation - An advanced model of a real valve saturation circuit that has a nice higher harmonics punch.
  • DeEssAir - Get rid of unwanted sibilance in your voice and add some air back at the same time.
  • Shaping - Shape your tone with the 8-band musically labeled wide-Q equalizer.
  • Punch - Punch is quite a strong compressor with slower attack time and a medium compression ratio.
  • Surgery - An extreme surgical peak EQ with 2 identical filters and up to -50 db attenuation.
  • Smash - A peak-eating leveling compressor with faster attack time and a gentle compression ratio.
  • Effects - The two most important time-based effects for the vocal processing job - delay and reverb.
  • Finalizer - This is the mastering section of your chain. Sometimes the voice needs a final touch, some sweetness or fatness.
  • AGC - An automatic gain control included in both input and output sections. It sets the signal level to the plug-in’s 0 dBVU.


    Version comparison

    Feature Pro Express
    Usage Maximum flexibility Quick results, "set & forget"
    Interface Zoom function Yes Yes
    Digital input and output meters Yes No
    Switchable analog meter No Yes
    Price $99 $49
    iLok required No No
    Number of factory presets 90 90
    More factory presets in updates Yes Yes
    User presets Yes No
    Calibration Yes Yes
    AGC control Yes Yes
    Fully adjustable modules: Yes No



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Technical info

System requirements of the selected product. For some effects and applications, we have versions compatible with older systems. Please visit the Downloads page and browse the available versions if your system is older than specified here.

Mac OS X 10.9 - macOS 11.1
AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST2 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Compatible
Windows 7 - Windows 10
AAX 32b, AAX 64b, VST2 32b, VST2 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

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